Adding multiple leaders to notes

A few months ago I asked myself the question: how can I add multiple arrows (or leaders) to notes? Yesterday I received the same question from an experienced used, so I thought I’d write a quick tip about the subject.

It turns out to be easy. When you have an existing note, just click the point of the arrow of an existing annotation, hold the ctrl key and drag out another leader!

Multiple leaders attached to one annotation
Multiple leaders attached to one annotation

You can even add leaders and connect them to different views:

Leaders connected to multiple views
Leaders connected to multiple views

Or you can pre-select multiple edges before clicking the Note button, and it will connect all items automatically. That’s what I just learned from this video from Javelin Technologies on how to add multiple leaders.

Deleting single leaders is as simple as selecting an arrow point and hitting the Delete key.

Now you’ll never have to fiddle with two identical notes, positioned exactly at the same location, ever again!

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